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Our Clients

Are you looking for the best Qlikview Consultants in the Business Intelligence world? We are dedicated to offering professional quality consultation and support.

As technical architects, we have serviced top tier clients in supply chain, telecommunications, retail, insurance, manufacturing, information technology, travel and many more. We have helped clients to install or upgrade QlikView server and publisher, server clustering, optimizing existing applications, developing new applications, data modeling and dash boarding.

Here are some of our accomplishments:

Regional telecommunications provider servicing Northwest Territories in Canada:
Established the data infrastructure and deployment for two marketing metrics solutions; involved in end-to-end services, including planning the application architecture, data modelling, application support, training and project management. We are still one of the company’s trusted advisers in deploying QlikView in the rest of the organization.

Fortune500 global pharmaceutical and health-care company:
Worked with the company to develop sales application and executive overview dashboards for regions and countries are developed using agile software development principles.

Safety Insurance Board in Canada:
Designed and created four proof-of-concept applications for claims, HR and Finance with extensive internal demos which formed the basis for an expansion of the use of QlikView in the organization.

Property management and asset services company in USA:
Created a financial application for the CFO which garnered praise for being “one of the few IT projects to be on time and on budget and within scope” and which was featured in a QlikView reference story.

Advisory arm at one of the Big Four accounting firms in USA:
Assisted as chief technical architects in server clustering for the firm’s enterprise QlikView deployment as well as deploying one of the most complex QlikView applications for the firm’s internal reporting needs.

Multinational household and professional appliances manufacturer in USA:
Established a QlikView server environment and architecture of over 16 clustered servers and currently servicing as QlikView senior expertise in various projects.

Major franchisee of global burger chain, operating in mid-west US and Canada:
Established the data infrastructure and enterprise deployment for a sales and operations QlikView reporting solution; the solution comprised setting up the server and publisher infrastructure and building two applications to show operational and sales key performance indicators.

Global windows and doors manufacturer in USA:
Revised and optimized customer sales application which greatly improved the performance of the application; to start on phase 2 of the client’s on-going QlikView implementation for 2014

Major marketing communications group in Canada:
Successfully upgraded QlikView server and publisher for one of the leading providers of interactive promotions, games, contests, sweeps administration, promotion risk management and insurance solutions; the solution involved upgrading the server architecture and migrating applications into the new environment.

Leading specialty paper products manufacturer based in US:
Established the data infrastructure and enterprise deployment for QlikView solution which comprised setting up the server and publisher infrastructure and building applications to monitor the company’s manufacturing performance.

Global car manufacturing facility in Canada:
We were one of the key persons to roll out QlikView on an enterprise level in the car manufacturer; the applications created and implemented by Lori are still actively used today.

About us

Discovery Analytics is a QlikView Partner. We are certified designers, developers and server administrators with an extensive knowledge in server installation, enterprise architecture planning, data modelling, applications development, dashboard reporting, training and support. We run all our projects on an agile basis and fully involve our clients to create applications that solve their business needs.

Industries we serve:

  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain
  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance
  • Securities & Investments
  • Utilities
  • Shipping Services
  • Transportation & Logistics